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It's recital time, but with a twist

June 12th, 2020 3:34pm

Hi everyone, 

  It's June and we usually are at the Middle School taping the stage, hanging a backdrop, hooking up sound and lights and running aorund like cracy! But this year is very different. In the past 50 years, I have never not held an in person recital. Although this makes me a little nostalgic for what could be, I'm excited for this yerar's performance of Studio Strong.

  We'll still be running music, we'll still be nervous for the dancers, we'll still think they look gorgeous in their costumes, but we will be watching it all take place virtually. It will be a whole new set of nerves. Will we lose power? Will someone have the wrong time or link? Will someone pop in in the middle of recording the dance haha? But regardless of how we run the show, the show must go on. 

   We hope that it will make you smile from your front row seat. We will be smiling and loving every minute! MADS is so fortunate to have the best dancers, parents and faculty. Our families have such big hearts ♥️ and we appreciate you all so much!

  So "Break a Leg" and smile your biggest and best smile ever. We want to see it from your house to ours, becuase as always we are BRINGING OUR HOME TO YOURS!

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