Thank you to my wonderful faculty and staff! It's been a great year!

June 22nd, 2014 1:41am

This is the perfect time to thank everyone who particiated in the MADS recital. You all did such an amazing job and we are so very proud of your talent and dedication. We saw so much improvement from the beginning of the year, even from our babies. It was so rewarding to see their confidence grow and skills develop. Myself and all the faculty at MADS could not be more grateful that you have chosen us to be your child's dance educators.
I personally want to thank my faculty~
AJ~ We would be lost without you. Your abilty to teach the little ones is unsurpassable. Children respond to your positive manner of teaching, they thrive with your enthusiasm and learn great organizational skills from you! You are a perfect role model for our elementary, middle and high school students. They all want to be just like Miss AJ.  Your ability to stage and choreograph a dance is what sets you aside. I am so proud of your work, talent and all you have accomplished. Anyone could tell how much you love what you do. Thank you for everything!
Ali~ I don't know where to begin. You have given myself and the kids so much in terms of time, love, talent, technique and choreography. And at the same time you have been there for them as a mentor. They love tap and its because of what you bring to them. You make class so much fun and so interesting and challenging. You also are a wonderful role model and example of how to budget your time so you can do what you have to as well as what you love to do. Thank you for being so willing to leave NY at midnight, just to be here for the kids. You have helped them achieve a new level this year and they are so proud of you and themselves. Thank you, I love you!
Julie~ You are such a talented mentor and teacher. We are so proud that you decided to join our faculty a few years ago. What you have done for the girls has been a joy to watch. You also have been someone for them to look up to and admire. Not only for your talent but for the beautiful person that you are. Their accomplishments, with your help have been amazing! We are so happy for you and your future career in NYC, but also we're extremely grateful that you will be returning frequently to teach as well as choreograph. We all love you!
Jen~ Your passion for dance shows in everything you do. Each and every child is so important to you. You are always so prepared and eager to start each day. The kids love working with you and share your joy for dance. It is such a pleasure having you as part of the MADS family. You are such a beautiful person inside and out.
Susan~ You are such a great teacher and friend. I can't think of MADS without thinking of you. Since you were little you have always given dance 100% of your self. Your love shows through in your work and you are always there to help if we need it. Thank you for continuing to be a great faculty member all these years.
Kristen~ Thank you for returning year after year to choreograph and support us. We all look forward to that weekend of marathon dancing with you! Your talents are amazing and we are so grateful for your time and knowledge! Love you and love that you are always a part of MADS!
Jodie and Nancy~ There are no words to tell you how much we appreciate all you do! And with a smile on your face. I can't imagine having a studio run efficiently without someone at the desk. Not only do you do that but you anticipate our needs, run errands, order costumes, and in general keep everything under control!! Thank you!!
This doesn't even begin to cover the thoughts I would like to express to you all. But please know I love and apprecaite each and every one of you beyond words! Thank you for a great year!

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