There's no place like MADS!

June 23rd, 2015 12:08am

Congratulations everyone on a fantastic show. "Live It Up 2015" was everything we thought it would be and more. A huge heartfelt thank you to my faculty and friends, AJ Overton, Ali Dietz, Susan Zydel, Julie LaMancuso, Jen Repp, Kristen Danga, Karly Cappelli and Sarah Creagan. I know you won so many awards this season for your outstanding work and choreography, however, you need to know how much you are appreciated. It's more than the Critic's Choices you won and highest overall scoring routine awards, it's how you make the kids feel. You make them believe in themselves, you make them a unified team and you are invested in their performances 100%. I watched you do their makeup, braid and unbraid hair, sew costumes, make headpieces, rehearse them before competing and hug them with encouragement. There aren't many places where this is common place. MADS is one of those places because you all unselfishly, give the time and energy needed for them to be successful. Your personal touches are what set us apart. I am so proud to say that I honestly feel, we have the best faculty, the best freindships and the best students! Thank you all so much, for making everyone feel like family!

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