Our culture at MADS

June 15th, 2023 2:55pm

At Mary Alice's Dance studio, we have fostered a truly positive culture that sets us apart from other studios. From our huge community invovement with Dancers Give Back our cancer fundraiser, to our celebration of diversity and inclusivity. We ensure that everyone feels welcome and supported, no matter what their ability or experience level might be. Every single person at our studio works hard to acheive their goals, and we are incredibly passionate about what we do, But what truly makes MADS special is the respect and kindness we have for each other. From the instructors, to the students and everyone in between, we value and appreciate every single person who walks through our doors. Our dance studio is truly a home away from home, and we are proud to have created such a positive, supportive and empowering environment for all of our dancers. 


Missing from our photo above: Denise Gorny and Karly Cappelli

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