What is the right class for my 3-4 year old?

Our youngest dancers start with a combo class that provides an intro to dance in a fun filled yet educational manner. We teach a 45 minute program that covers tap, ballet and jazz. Your child will learn to take direction, work as part of a group and socailize with other children in a positive, nurturing environment. 

What class should my elementary school child take?

After the age of 6, all classes are available. We do recommend a class that requires learning a skilled technique. Tap is a great place to start for purposes of learning rhythm and musicality. Jazz is also very popular because of it's upbeat music and style, and Ballet is excellent as the basis for all dance. If you are interested in taking multiple classes, the combination of those 3 genres is highly recommended.

Do I have to compete?

The majority of our classes are non-competitive. We teach the same curriculum to all of our students. We feel strongly that we provide a great education to all of our students. It isn't necessary to compete to excel in the fun, energetic, creative and nurturing atmosphere that we provide.

At what age can my child compete?

Our youngest competitive team is known as our Pre-Petite Team, where the age averages 6-7 years old. In becoming a MADS competition dancer, you are making the commitment to class requirements. Ballet is required for all levels, along with tap and jazz. Higher level dancers take technique classes in tap, jazz, acro and ballet, in addition to their choreography classes. Auditions are held twice a summer. Attendance in summer classes in then required to join the team in the Fall.

Where will I compete?

Our first level of competition is an introduction to a competitive dance team . They attend one local competition that charges very reasonable entry fees. Our older teams (Mini, Junior, Teen, and Senior) require two to three competitions, along with an local convention. Our Junior, Teen and Senior dancers attend a National competition in the summer.

How big are your classes?

Our class size is monitored and will be closed if it becomes too large. Every class is taught by one of our very experienced faculty members, assisted by advanced students. Having helpers in the room guarantees that every child gets personal attention and assistance when necessary.

Can I observe classes?

Our door to the studio is always open. We ask that you watch either at the beginning or towards the end of class. We will always open the door at the end of our Mini Mover classes for you to observe.

Where is the recital?

Our 2023 recital is held Father's Day weekend at Villa Maria College in Cheektowaga, NY (the week of June 12th we will hold mandatory rehersals and the recital performance will be that weekend).

When can my child take ballet?

We begin a more serious ballet program when your child is 6 years old. Prior to that, we offer pre-ballet in our combo classes. Ballet is a very structured class and requires the dancer to be ready for a more disciplined art form.

At what age can they take hip-hop?

Hip-hop is offered to children 6 & up. Our youngest hip hop class for 6-9 year olds require an additional class such as jazz,tap or ballet. We highly suggest that it is accompanied by a jazz class. 

Do you have boys classes?

We have an all boys hip-hop class. Boys 3 and up may participate in this class.

Do you have adult classes?

We have adult tap. Our classes for adults are in the evening during the week.

Do you accept transfer students?

We would be happy to let you take a class that you feel is at your level. We can then help you determine where the best class for you would be.