Introducing Dancely! 6 week sessions!

Introducing Dancely! 6 week sessions!
What’s the ONE thing that preschool aged kids aged 3-6 years old all LOVE to do? 🤔


And we’re excited to announce our brand new preschool 6 week themed sessions for your adorable little ones that will have them bouncing, shaking, and smiling with delight!

And unlike other preschool programs, ours features brand new
Dancely original music from the award winning songwriters at Disney, Netflix and Marvel -- Powerhouses among preschoolers in their own right! 😉

Make this Fall even more special for your little ones!

We'll be posting a link to register soon. This is a great way to supplement our mini mover and jumpstart programs or you can keep your commitment to short 6 week themed sessions!

Look for our FREE SAMPLE CLASS coming in August!