NYCDA Buffalo, League of Champions, Nuvo

We are so proud of our girls. They have given 100% to making this year their best yet! It takes time, dedication, hard work and talent to achieve what they have so far this year. Their joy of dance, learning and performing is apparent everywhere they go. We have put them in some tough competitions and not only have they held their own but they have experienced so much success. To their credit and also to the faculty's credit, they have earned 3 Critic's Choice awards at NYCDA this year as well as 3 Critic's Choice awards from League of Champions (Hall of Fame)  and Best NU Group at NUVO Buffalo! Also the backstage award given for good sportsmanship. They know it's more about how you are portrayed and perceived by the people around you. We respect the talent we compete against so much and appreciate every opportunity we are given. Way to go ladies!! Heartfelt thanks to AJ, Ali, Julie and Kristen. And strong support from Jen and Susan round out our team! It takes every single one of these amazing people to make MADS the place we love!!

When I'm Gone Critic's Choice NYCDA, DJ's Pick NUVO, Best NU Group
When I'm Gone Choreography by Ali Dietz
Katie, Nicole and Lauren
Love this!!
Dead In The Water Critic's Choice at NYCDA Pittsburgh and League of Champions
Choreography by Julie LaMancuso. Highest score Pittsburgh NYCDA
Pick Up and Go Critic's Choice Buffalo NYCDA, Choreography by AJ Overton
Kissing You Choreography by AJ Overton. Featured are Katie and Madison. Third Highest Scoring Group NYCDA Pittsburgh
Bottom of the River Judge's Pick Pittsburgh and NUVO High Gold!
Choreography by Ali Dietz. Second Highest Scoring Group NYCDA Pittsburgh
Highest Tap NYCDA Pittsburgh, 3rd highest group Starbound Rochester
Favorite part!!
Killin it!
The Tide Choreography by Kristen Danga High Gold!!
Looking Back Choreography by AJ Overton High Gold!!
Our Champions at League of Champions!!!

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