Welcome Home!
Welcome Home!



Congratulations to all of our dancers who attended NYCDA Pittsburgh. We are proud of each and every one of you! 

 Junior Critics Choice/Highest scoring lyrical

Cosmic Love

Solo Achievements

Jackson Conley 4th overall Jnior solo/platinum

Ava Crean 20th overall Teen solo/platinum

Jenna Hartke Platinum

Dakota Gorny Platinum

Olivia Crean Platinum

Carly Wicka Platinum

"Possibilities" Platinum

"Give Me The Night" Platinum

Outstanding Dancer Mini Finalist

Elise Conley

Outstaning Dancer Runner-up

Lauren Crowe

Outstading Dancer Junior Finalists

Ava Barone, Reese Benchley, Allie Brauer, Hannah Day,

Natalie Farrell, Kyra Lorden, Ella Placzewski,

Nyah Watkins, Madison Winters

Outstanding Junior Dancer Runner-up

Ariana Reukauf

Outstanding Dancer Teen Finalists

Allie Carter, Madison Darone, Dakota Gorny, Jenna Hartke, Abby Hartke

Outstanding Dancer Teen Runner-up

Claire Baun, Ava Crean, Olivia Crean, Maddie Inglut

Outstanding Dancer Senior Finalists

Megan Baun, Calry Wicka

Regional Scholarship Tap

Ella Winters, Olivia Eckhert, Megan Baun, Carly Wicka

Future Star

Lilly Marks, Kyra Lorden

Junior Intensive Acceptance

Ava Barone, Natalie Farrell, Madison Winters

Triple Threat

Bella Taylor, Carly Wicka

Steps Summer Intensive $500 Scholarship

Jackson Conley


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 We are the proud home of the MADS Competition Team - our studio class assistants and role models. They are renowned both regionally and nationally, and have been consistently awarded for versatility, along with age appropriate costuming and choreography. Their dedication to our program equips them with essentail life skills that set them up for success in whatever path they choose.
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